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A living
of trees
and shrubs


Spring at the Arboretum

About The Mountain Top Arboretum

The Mountain Top Arboretum is open for the public's enjoyment, 2500 feet above sea level in the rugged high peaks region of the Mountains.

It is a preserve and a garden. Native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers live side-by-side with exotic transplants hardy enough to survive the elevation and harsh climate.


The Arboretum is educational and recreational. You can stop to smell the flowers or stay to study them. Stroll the walkways breathing pure mountain air, feast your eyes on scenic views, or rest for a while by the pond. Even take a personally-guided tour and get a crash course in horticulture.

The Arboretum is an active cultural resource offering lectures and programs on nature, the arts, and local history.

The Arboretum is an open space for all to enjoy, a living museum, and an ongoing research project. It is unique. And it is yours.

Our annual administrative and operating costs are
covered through public support and donations from our friends and
visitors. Without your support we would be unable to provide our
programs. We encourage your donations which are tax deductible for
federal and state income tax purposes.