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A living
of trees
and shrubs


The Arboretum's Collection

Fifty different species of conifers and many varieties of oak, maple, mountain ash, hawthorn, rhododendron, mountain laurel, and wildflowers are thriving on the 10 acres of the Arboretum. On-site labeling on all species self-guides you through the collections of unfamiliar flora, helping you identify such exotic plantings as the Trojan horse fir, weeping katsura, Himalayan pine, Japanese larch, dawn redwood, swamp cypress, incense cedar, and bristlecone pine, as well as the more familiar native species of the Catskill Mountains.


The Arboretum is a living museum, and the "exhibits" change with the seasons. Spring comes late to the mountain top, but when it finally does arrive, the Arboretum blossoms with flowering crabapples, fantail pussy willows, mountain ash, hawthorn, viburnum, rhododendron, lilac, mountain laurel, fringe tree, and Fothergilla.

The gentle breezes of the summer months carry the fragrance of thyme and the hum of insects pollinating wildflowers and flowering perennials, daylilies, Clethra, Stewartia, and bottlebrush buckeye. It is the perfect time to picnic under the cool shade of an evergreen, in the clear, cool mountain air far above the hazy humidity of the Hudson Valley.


Fall brings a blaze of bright colors from native holly, crab apples, beeches, bayberry, mountain ash, maples, oaks, larch, bald cypress, and dawn redwoods, in sharp contrast to the deep green background of the Arboretum's evergreens.

Winter comes clad in its own stark, silent beauty, a time for quiet meditation as snow settles softly on groves and walkways and the still surface of the pond. The Mountain Top Arboretum welcomes you to experience the beauty and wonder of all four seasons.